Prem Namaste

To Students of Dance, this is a sacred art, cherished and preserved in our motherland for over 5000 years. Dancing is not merely a spontaneous idea or thought translated into movement. It is a long thought -out and carefully fashioned ritual that needs concentrated study and constant effort. Yet, what you bring to it, what is manifested through you, will be unique for it is your gift to the World.

I began dancing at the age of 6yrs where I attended the Natashwar Dance Academy under Smt. Smeetha Singh, after which I joined Sastri College, tutored under Shrimathi Prema Nydoo, followed by her graduate Shrimathi Kavitha Anandhpriya at Cato Manor Technical College. I graduated at the age of 18, in 1998. During my years as a dancer I was actively involved in the propagation of the Indian Culture by performing in numerous cultural shows, naming just a few are the Chinmaya Mission of South Africa, Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of South Africa, the Diwali festival in 1999, various school cultural day events and many eisteadfeds.

Kathak isn't about steps co-ordinated to music but a form borne out of love, devotion and inner peace.

Shrimathi Anisha Singh
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